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Cascade Copper Corporation

Cascade will strive to become a best-in-class junior mining company that creates value for our shareholders through safely and responsibly exploring essential metals for the world of tomorrow.


Cascade is a natural resource company with a focus on copper. We will be evaluating and acquiring mineral resource properties, which, if deemed viable, may eventually transition into production. Our core mission centers on exploring, developing, and acquiring high-quality properties for exploration purposes.

Cascade is deeply committed to conducting its operations responsibly and sustainably. We maintain close collaboration with local communities and governmental bodies to ensure that our activities benefit both the environment and the residents of the regions where we operate.

We are now a publicly traded entity on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol CASC.CN.

British Columbia

British Columbia spans nearly 95 million hectares (equivalent to 234 million acres), surpassing the land area of most European countries, second only to Russia, and exceeding that of all U.S. states except Alaska.

In 2022, as Canada’s largest mining province, British Columbia generated an impressive $18 billion in revenue from the mining industry.

Notably, British Columbia holds the distinction of being the exclusive Canadian producer of molybdenum, a valuable element used in metallurgy and chemistry. Additionally, the province leads the nation in copper production and the supply of coal for steelmaking, in addition to being a significant source of gold and silver.

mined material in British Columbia

Why Copper?

Copper plays a crucial role in various facets of our modern economy, serving essential functions in everything from the electrical grid to electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies.

However, despite its irreplaceable significance, copper is notably absent from the U.S. Critical Minerals list, which highlights the minerals and materials vital to national interests and security.

The accompanying infographic, presented by the Copper Development Association, sheds light on the pivotal attributes that render copper indispensable and underscores the rationale for its official inclusion as a Critical Mineral.


Naval vessels, Military gear, Military vehicles


Electrical Grid, Buldings and structures, Waterservice lines, Pipes

Clean Energy

Wind Farms, Solar panels, Energy storage


Electric cars, Airplanes, High-speed trains, Electric school buses


Consumer electronics, Healthcare, Currency

why British columbia?

  • Rich Copper Deposits in British Columbia:

    • British Columbia is home to significant copper deposits.
    • Notable examples include the Highland Valley Copper Mine, one of Canada’s largest open-pit copper mines.
    • The Cariboo, Golden Triangle, and Skeena Mining Districts also offer promising copper prospects.
    • Geological diversity includes various deposit types like porphyry and skarn, increasing the likelihood of discovering economically viable copper reserves.
    • These abundant resources ensure a stable supply to the global copper market, making British Columbia a crucial contributor.

  • Supportive Infrastructure and Regulations:

      • British Columbia boasts well-established infrastructure for copper mining.
      • This includes an extensive network of transportation options such as roads, railways, and ports, facilitating efficient ore and product transportation.
      • The province maintains strict environmental regulations and transparent permitting processes, ensuring high environmental standards and operational integrity.
      • Access to renewable energy sources further reduces the carbon footprint of mining operations, aligning with global sustainability goals.
      • In summary, British Columbia’s rich copper deposits, infrastructure, and regulatory support create an ideal environment for copper mining activities.


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